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Dungeon Crusher: AFK Heroes
Dungeon Crusher: AFK Heroes
December 3, 2021
Offered By:
Towards Mars Ltd


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REVIEWS and Description

Infinite adventure awaits – and you can play with just one finger! The gameplay is simple, and instantly addictive! The perfect game for lazy players – you need very little time to play since your heroes can go through dungeons even in your absence. All you have to do is log in occasionally, and collect your rewards. Unique combat mechanics for clicker/idle games – the heroes you collect are used not just for your play-through but also for forming squads which allows you to compete with other players in various PvP and PvE activities and ratings, both offline and in real time. Want even more? Create your own clan and become King of the Realm!


This game is like idle clicker with RPG, PVP and PVE. Daily missions, weekly events, various game modes, creation of unique skill sets and weapon sets for each hero. I could go on ... it\'s unique, I haven\'t played anything like it. Very addictive, after several months I am still learning. Lots of things to do! I could play all day and not get bored! I love this game. Honesty: Yes, there are some very obvious aspects of the game that make you lose money ... However, the game is technically compatible with f2p, and there are missions that return part of what you spend. I\'m particularly impressed by the reward system built into the Siege skin. I would recommend some kind of tutorial be implemented ... although it\'s great to have some great fan-made supports for igroglaz on YouTube and the Wikia site. I am completely hooked. This game is so much fun! I wanted something nice to play with but entertaining enough to keep me interested. I really like the design of the game and I definitely recommend it! I also like that you can progress even without in-game purchases. I appreciate that aspect. I love this game, especially the characters. The gameplay is attractive and the graphics are pretty. I love bums in role-playing games. But FYI marketing department, your ads don\'t mention the game title or even show a download link. The demo doesn\'t even end (which I\'ve seen). I had to play the demo ad for a good two minutes and then Google Ena Hawkeye before I found you. You\'re lucky it\'s a really fun demo!



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