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Silo's Airsoft Royale
Silo's Airsoft Royale
101.5 MB
Feb 7, 2019
Offered By:
Linnama Entertainment

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REVIEWS and Description

How many rounds of raining BB\'s can you survive in this Silo Entertainment\'s official airsoft mobile game? Step into Silos shoes and send the enemies back to the spawn using the most iconic airsoft weapons! - Level up to unlock all the weapons! - Upgrade your weapons; damage, fire rate and more! - Loot enemies to collect helpful equipment and gear! - Eliminate bosses in challenging encounters! - Find keys to discover the airsoft fields! Download Silo\'s Airsoft Royale now and step into the battle! Silo\'s Airsoft Royale is a free-to-play game and it offers optional in-app purchases.


Great game. Take some levels of practice and ability, which is difficult to get in a game these days. However, fix some of the following discomfort: fix the consumable sliding menu in the center of the screen. Add an ammunition/consumption/etc. Enemy Drop Mechanic to the game, since I generally die due to lack of ammunition. Make it easier to obtain keys or change the key elaboration recipe to 3 instead of five. Finally, add more weapons (Possibly smoking Gernades?). Again, great game. I love this game and one thing that I really like is that every weapon that unlocks has its unique advantages that you can update and when you defeat your enemies do not disappear, they simply move away, I know it\'s something silly, but it\'s a bit funny. In general, the game has incredible potential. There are some suggestions to add to the game, such as being able to hide in the trees and add new ways or maps. The game in general is good! Such as the 2D graphics and the movement of this game. There is only one thing that bothers me in the game, the player loses ammunition in each round, can you put random ammunition or things in every round so that the player can survive even he does not have an ammunition? In general, I will recommend all this. And I just wanted more areas where you can play or unlock all levels. Good game, can you make a sequel to this? We would make us happy to the players! Thank you! This is a very good game, but I have some suggestions for the next update. 1, there should be more bosses. 2, we should be able to obtain more ammunition over time or even add a place to fill near Spawn. 3, enemies should not be able to find us even when they hide in bushes or trees. And finally, add daily missions that provide XP, coins and gems to facilitate leveling (it took the ages to reach level 30 only for the second element slot and the weapon). That is all I can suggest, I hope the developers read this



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