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Somnus : Nonogram
Somnus : Nonogram
311.2 MB
Jun 2, 2022
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REVIEWS and Description

In the quiet of night when everyone else is asleep, take a fantastic journey through dream land. This story is about a dream we all once had during our childhood. Discover the stories that await you at the end of the dream. We\'ll be waiting for you inside the dream of Nonogram. [Features] - Hundreds of puzzles available. - Amazing pixel art. - Tested puzzle logic (logical solving possible) - Google cloud save feature. - Current puzzle is auto-saved when ending game. - Wider range of difficulty levels (10x10, 15x15, 20x20) - The regular Normal mode and the BigMap mode that completes the story. - Various controls (Touch, pad, magnifying). - Additional two-finger zoom out, zoom in, move, and undo features. - Various user accommodating options (Auto answer check, UI location change, Life On/Off, etc.) - Entertaining story that progresses as puzzles are solved


Funny puzzle game that has a crazy amount of puzzles to stay busy. Less intrusive ads that I have seen that they last 5 seconds or allow you to click instantaneously. The game does not seem to bother you if you play it outside the line either. If you leave before completing a puzzle, it will save and you can continue where you left it at any time. The only inconvenience is that the game can be quite addictive, but I have enjoyed it enough to pay for less than $ 5 without advertisement version and I returned to give this review. Best nomogram game in the period. Many puzzles, easy and difficult, and there is a mode of history that keeps you compromised. The only problem I had was to discover where the store was to buy the free version of ads. I wish it was a little more obvious to find, I would have had it months ago. Yes, I said months, there are so many puzzles. I really enjoyed this game. It is the only Android game with which I have completed 100%. In one sense, it could be said that it is because there is no endless well of content that some games try to include. This game was simpler than that, but that\'s what I liked. Non -intrusive ads, only simple puzzles. There are no microtransaction schemes. No addictive mechanics or Skinner boxes. Just a good puzzle game. I love this game more than I expected, and it has quickly become a way to end in the afternoon. It has beautiful funds with relaxing music. It is much more indulgent than the last application that I tried and has a zoom function so that it can approach those larger puzzles where the squares begin to be too small. Yes, there are ads, but you can generally close them after 5 seconds and those I have received have not been loud or unpleasant. I really enjoyed the game. I did not read the story too much because I would be listening to stories while playing, but the work of art was beautiful and the ads were not upset like many other free games. In general, a game that I really liked. I liked one enough to do everything possible to write a review when I usually hate writing reviews.



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