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DOP: Happy Brain Puzzle special gameplay and guide


DOP: Happy Brain Puzzle Features
1. Nearly a hundred puzzle content, rich fun, use imagination, complete it;
2. The shape of the entire block is relatively natural, and all the connections in it need to be very fast.
3. Putting these scattered blocks can be connected to ensure that the color of the thin line can be filled smoothly.

DOP: Happy Brain Puzzle gameplay
1. There are some very difficult and complicated puzzles in a large number of stages. When you encounter difficulties, please use prompts.
2. Various different levels of levels, more random adventure gameplay, let you complete the high score.
3. There are many tasks that require players to complete each level, and players need to continue their brain to try;
DOP: Happy Brain Puzzle Raiders
1. Try to make them the same shape as the recommended above, without punishment or time limit, you can enjoy it.
2. Step by step to find a very special point and complete it. The whole hand -painted style of painting is very comfortable. Players are not good for fatigue.
3. By trying to solve this free brain training puzzle game, use this opportunity to activate your thinking when playing games.