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Purrfect Spirits
Purrfect Spirits
January 3, 2021
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REVIEWS and Description

A flash of white light, and whoosh! Turns out you\'re now a ghost! You don\'t know how to pass on, so you\'ll just pass the time instead — with the adorable little cats who visit your house each day! ■ Game Summary This fun, adorable title will have you: ・Feeding the cats who drop by your home ・Buying scratchers, towers, and other items to keep your kitties entertained ・Redecorating your room with a host of colorful, unique designs ・Enticing a variety of Rare Cats to come visit (spawn rates vary by item!) ・Achieving goals in order to unlock cute manga-style cutscenes (both the main story and mini-stories!) ・Learning more about your feline friends and the phantoms who care for them ・Game data cannot be transferred between devices.


Seriously this game is super addictive and hyper cute. I really like the storyline,Graphics,effects and moreover the cute cats.Its very asethetic and basically the game play is simple, you have to pet cats and get coins,and with that you can buy furniture. you can just watch an add and get rare type cats which i think is awseom. I highly recommend you to download it(adults can play too) #kittypower This game is a cute and relaxing one. I love the way I collect new cats which they were so adorable!! I felt nostalgia when I played this it was such a fun game, I felt satisfied about the story of it, never really thought it would have a storyline hahaha I recommend playing it if you are looking for something that is fun and cute and just enjoy the fluffy adorable cats♡♡



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