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Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle
Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle
September 6, 2021
Offered By:
ITI inc.


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REVIEWS and Description

I like the game, I like how it\'s very difficult, but I don\'t like how it\'s like a kid being kidnapped and it\'s like you don\'t win that kid, I don\'t like that, but other than that, it\'s a very good app. as it gives money, but I don\'t know what the money is for, it\'s a very difficult game, but also a very easy game. I want the creators of this game to make things easier for you and her. I just want them to make sure it\'s not like kids get kidnapped, unless I really like it. It was so good the first time I tried it, it was good, I loved it and I did more, more more more more and more! I was so happy to receive this game! My brother tried before I helped him, so he\'s been helping me through the levels! I was so happy to get it that it was an amazing adventure to level up! That was great, I give it a 5 star rating! This review is for people so it was great! Goodbye! It\'s a cheap game. See developer profiles. Stop complaining about ads, it\'s a cheap game, that\'s what happens in these types of games. By the way, quick tip * turn off the wifi go to settings turn off the mobile data for the app and there are no ads * WOW THAT AWESOME. Now stop complaining about how bad the cheap game is and go play a real game from well-known developers like supercell.


Honestly, the animals just look like rocks or badly animated figurines, so if you\'re scared to kill them, DON\'T BE, the blood is little blocks shooting out of the picture and it\'s just an animation, so when you\'re killing the person in the animal is not real, trust me! To be totally honest with you, it\'s not as bad as you think. The game itself is fun and really cool! I really appreciate this game and I think you should make a 3D version of it. For example, the player can be in first person mode and all animals will be realistic. It may seem like a stupid idea, but my goal is probably to make a new version. This game is definitely relaxing! Many people would love this, but it\'s only useful at the right time! It\'s a lot of fun to play and the levels are fun. You don\'t get much though, most of them are repeating themselves, but that doesn\'t mean it\'s boring!



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