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Animal Warfare
Animal Warfare
February 8, 2022
Offered By:
PlaySide Studios

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REVIEWS and Description

Collect from cute to vicious animals in this auto-battle sim game! 

Build your animal army with lions, dogs, bears, and more animals and send them into battle to win gold and glory in Animal Warfare. - EVERY ANIMAL IS SPECIAL -
 Each animal has a unique perk and ability, which means they all fight differently and no battle is the same! Build and upgrade your animals to unlock their special skills, increase their strength and health, and win challenging fights. - STRATEGISE YOUR ATTACK - 
Mix melee and ranged animals, design your army’s formation and plan your attack.
 Get coins by winning the battles and collect more animals to keep winning your next fights!
 Don’t forget to strengthen your army to win the Boss Battles and Challenge Mode. - BE THE LEADER OF THE PACK - 
Face off other users in the Arena and show everyone who the strongest one is! Obtain bonuses by accumulating your number of wins in the Arena, and beat everyone to be at the top of the leaderboard.


On iPad, when I arrived at the LVL. When you get your first basic chest, the game freezes and disconnects, and when you return, the screen froze when they inform you about the basic chest, then I really can not click on anything ... it does not matter, I\'m sorry for problems , I think it was because the device was ... I find this game very addictive, and I love all the cute animals! The controls are easy and the opponents are at a correct level, so it is not easy or difficult! Although I have an idea! What would happen if you had to put an option to use the animals you have and fight against people online, with animals! I think we ... This game is amazing! I play this game every day and I only have a problem when I get an ad, sometimes it will be a black screen with a No X button and, if it is a reward, I will not get my reward after the ad, but that\'s it. Nothing serious, and I also think it would be great if the game had a san ... Great game, good to kill time, easy to pick up and play for short periods of time. It seems well balanced for me, for example, see the ads gives you an increase of 3x in your rewards, so far, a suggestion would be to make animations of animals more direct or specific, as they have ... Really this game and works offline. There is an occasional error where the game will crash without any reason, or when I am configuring my animals, but I am sure that they will possibly paten it. Even with error, great game! I feel the need to update my opinion ... laser bears? Seriously?! What is the point? La Ga ...



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