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Bullet Boy
Bullet Boy
162.9 MB
Oct 31, 2021
Offered By:
Pomelo Games

For reference, Bullet Boy game websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

REVIEWS and Description

Play this incredibly fun indie adventure across a floating world, where you fire yourself out of powerful cannons! Meet Bullet Boy, the courageous kid in the jetpack, who rushes to escape a deadly tornado, while trying to collect the missing pieces of some very mysterious, and fascinating statues. Packed with highly jetpack dynamic mechanics. Avoid birds, buildings and weird machines, tap rapidly to dodge fast-moving obstacles with your jetpack, aim precisely to get to the next cannon, or shoot to the sky to elude multiple obstacles altogether, and quickly get to your goal! You\'ll spend hours engaged in the action and the challenge of lots of levels, with randomly generated sections, and exciting progression along the whole game. Unlock awesome power-ups to increase the fun and the possibilities of blasting your way through this peculiar and beautiful world.


I am not sure why someone received ads while playing with Play Pass, I didn\'t see any announcement that is not what I chose to see to get a free revival. Maybe his subscription was exhausted and did not realize? No, then he would not have been free, he would assume. Interesting. Anyway, for a simple \"touch the screen\", it is possibly the most fun and challenging a shot\"! All the last 7 levels (mines) are falsified. Once the first time dies, keep dying if you press the \"Test again\" button. You must get out of the game (or sometimes you will only enter the level selection screen) and restart the round. Apart from that, it is a great game. I won at 103 levels :) I love this game and how it continues to challenge yourself as you advance, increasingly difficult with each level! Easily familiar with controls and graphics are quite drugs, which makes it quite attractive to start! Definitely a good one to spend time! Super solid game. Very fun, challenging, easy to collect. Difficult to dominate. A lot of repetition capacity. Funny beautiful art style designs. Extravagant characters. Super fair amount of ads everything you want in an independent game. You must download, don\'t change anything. If you are as old as me, you will know where the inspiration of this comes from. Donkey Kong in SNES. They had some levels like this. Really fun and nostalgia game hits when you play it. Even better with the game\'s pass, since you can unlock everything from the beginning, so there is no grinding. As for the guy who says he is caught at level 98, have you tried the drilling head? I should go through the bat.



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