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Capsulemon Fight! : Global Monster Slingshot PvP
Capsulemon Fight! : Global Monster Slingshot PvP
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Oct 24, 2021
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For reference, Capsulemon Fight! : Global Monster Slingshot PvP game websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

REVIEWS and Description

Control monsters at your fingertips to beat opposing Summoners and their monsters. Develop strategies that utilize skills as well as brawn. Unlock and upgrade monsters with unique and powerful abilities. Show your strength in CCG strategies and win against players from all over the world. Join a clan, share strategies and db, and fight alongside your bros. Join our battlelands! Drag and shoot! It\'s as simple as that! Just drag and shoot your monsters once per turn. Use your monsters’ abilities and aim for the best shot to deal maximum damage to your opponent’s monsters. Hitting an ally monster during the assault will trigger a co-op attack. Use clever moves for a powerful combo shot. Use skills before your shoot! Taking advantage of Summoner skills will allow you to perform various effective attacks. Build a team with your best monsters and awesome characters, and create your own combo action. Unlock and upgrade monsters! Capture, collect, and upgrade various Capsule Monsters to become the collector of a powerful duel deck. Become the best in the world! Become the top Capsule Monster player by emerging victorious from battles against other users across the world, gaining XP, and leveling up. Summoners, don\'t miss your chance to join in on the casual strategy game, Capsulemon Fight! FEATURES: • Duel players from around the world in real-time to earn Mystic Power and raise your rank. • Participate in the regular World Tour Arena league. • Complete quests and earn rewards. • Collect and upgrade various unique Capsulemons and skills. • Build your own deck from thousands of possible Capsulemons and skill combos. • Aim, Bounce, and Chain (A-B-C) your monsters with the Slingshot system. • Capsulemon Fight! supports 11 languages for a truly international PVP experience.


I absolutely love this game. The progression is very soft and allows one to unlock new leaders without too many problems, and the capsulemon have very attractive designs. It is true that one of the main reasons why I like this game is how intelligent I feel when I play it. If I had to choose a defect, it would be the less than surprising location. Apart from that, everything is fantastic. I\'ve been playing for about two weeks and I have been enjoying it a lot. I have not felt pressed to spend money to earn at all; In fact, I am currently on a streak of 20 victories. I play a game or 2 every few hours, I open boxes, level my things and verify my strategy. Personally, I have not had any network problems, Pay2win Problems, updates problems or failures, nor did I feel that some loss would have been unfair. No monster seems too dominated with power, HP, rank or skill. Definitely recommended. The game is very fun, the fight is easy, but you can make some really great tricks. I have not spent money and I have a really solid team. There were opponents with weaker letters but I had a better strategy, so I can\'t say it\'s paid to win. There are many secondary things that you can do to win gems and new cards. I also love characters designs. The games can take any place of 1-3 minutes and the pairing is like 10 seconds or less. New fun experience. However, I would like there to be more content, such as seasonal events or dungeon/mission lines. Also winning Elixirs takes an eternity! For the newest players, it is easy, but as you advance it becomes increasingly difficult to get things. In general, although I would recommend this game. It is not paid to win, but I still supported the game because it is so fun. Keep in mind that the cubes in the store are ridiculously expensive and can dissuade casual buying players. Honestly? In fact, I enjoyed playing this game. It reminds me of Monster Strike another \"Drag-Dim-Shoot!\" play. Since it closed, I have been looking for a replacement for that game. That is all. Capsulemon is a great game. The game is decent and the characters are adorable, my favorite capsulemon that I have collected is definitely dragon/monster. 5 stars until you find a problem. Edit: the only problem I have are some grammatical errors, but I really can\'t blame developers, but it\'s good



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