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Clash of Kings - Co‪K
Clash of Kings - Co‪K
March 31, 2021
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REVIEWS and Description

The sixth-anniversary carnival of Clash of Kings-the founder of war and strategy phone game is open now! Over the past six years, Clash of Kings has won the support of players around the world with its pure and epic war strategy experience, a variety of innovative gameplay, and a healthy, stable social community environment. To show appreciation for your love, loyalty, and support, we have prepared, a brand new system and battlefield and massive welfare in this anniversary celebration. This anniversary party we will make sure you get a full pack of welfare! ※New Battlefield in the Anniversary Expansion - World Domination A new battlefield gameplay based on teams formed by kingdom units. ※New gameplay in the Anniversary Expansion - Knight System A brand new daily gameplay system. ※Massive Welfares: 1. Recruiting comrades to collect Archangel Set 2. World Quest, complete the Door Opening event to win rare skin rewards 3. Gold Fountain, 6.6 billion gold coins are waiting for you The wars are continuing. The descendants of the old King received the call from CoK land. The gate of the palace is about to open. The new mystery seas are waiting for the true lord. Rally the army, show the energy to the other Kingdoms and Rule the sea! Battle kingdoms, wage war, fight armies, build your castle and conquer an empire with real time strategy in this epic multiplayer online RPG. Download Clash of Kings to experience the CoK fantasy world of PVP medieval combat action in an epic war game.


Fun but not fun to start over The cost of upgrading items is outrageous considering its nearly impossible to gather the resources when you’re constantly being attacked by the bully alliances, If you don’t join them you get attacked about 10 times a day, The in game play is similar to another game in the App Store with hero’s and prisons except you can’t share shields and the largest shield is 3 days, The kingdom conquest is every other week so after you get attacked by your own kingdom now you have to worry about the rival kingdom, There is no auto collect for your castle resources, I can’t say much about the game play because the ruler of the kingdom doesn’t allow the smaller alliances to participate in anything,



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