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Death Palette
Death Palette
December 28, 2021
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REVIEWS and Description

This game traps you in a gloomy studio for seven days, where you must contend with a cursed painting of a girl and use your wits to survive. Rely on notes from past victims and you may just manage to successfully paint her portrait. But be careful not to upset her, or you\'ll quickly find yourself dead! A palette of deaths await you. Will you be the one to finally finish her? Japanese title is Matsuro Palette.


Honestly, the story was really nice. A combination of tense, disturbing and tragic. The gaming loop was nice, with puzzles that were hard enough to try or two tests, but not so difficult that a smooth brain cleavage as I could not solve them. The end made me feel things, which is a gooo ... Oh Me. GOD. This game is amazing, history, art, puzzles, sound. Everything! I\'m going to be 100% honest, it made me spend some watery eyes near the end. It\'s a great game if you have some time in your hands and love you a good jigsaw puzzle game of terror mystery! I can not overcome the incredible ... A good game, short but so interesting. Art is very well done, and gives you the full image of what you need to know. The puzzles were well done and put into places so good so that it is difficult but solved with enough time. Nothing to hate about this game, Storyline is well thought out ... It has an incredible story and a good game in general. I like graphics and art style as well. The puzzle got me thinking and the mini games and varieties of different deaths that add more fun to the game and doing it, so they are not just boring puzzles. In general, it is a great game of 10/10. My only pr ... Hands down a great game! Once you understand your tasks, it is very intriguing and entertaining! Large story line, has a good amount of suspense and horror. Amazing! I need more games like this !! The only problem for me was over the phone, selecting the colors was a bit unfortunate, but it did a little even ...



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