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Farm Land - Farming life game
Farm Land - Farming life game
March 31, 2022
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REVIEWS and Description

Can you build and manage an entire farm? Are you ready for country life? Your quest is simple...seed the fields, harvest them, raise animals, and expand your island to become the best farmer Welcome to your new free game: Farm Land! Go on adventures, raise animals and expand your Island! Harvest apples, wheat, tomatoes, eggplants, and all your favorite fruits and vegetables Raise a wide variety of adorable pets like your very own farm dog Nurtures cows, sheep, and hens to get milk and eggs Explore a fantastic farm island filled with special farm adventures Catch as many fishes as you can on the coast or in the river Sell your crops, goods, and resources to other farmers Come and relax in this free chill farming game, grow your fields, take care of your animals, hire workers and build bigger barns. Take part in many satisfying activities: plant watering, cow milking, tree shaking, sheep shearing, and much more. When harvest season comes, sell your products to the merchants in town and become the greatest farming tycoon on earth, the moon, and beyond. Play for free. Challenge yourself to become the best farmer... This is not one of those classic and boring farming games. This is a new, free, and cool farming simulator for boys and girls.


I love this game! Status playing for a while and I really enjoyed it. Super relaxing. He bought the AD FREE rain option I recommend. Only a few small problems: 1. I find the music on a relaxing background, but for some reason it is cut and sometimes sits, the plays sometimes do not. 2. It would be ... I LOVE THIS GAME!!! A great game with non-intrusive ads, but when you get then, you are always rewarded! 9 times out of 10 is even one of the skippable. So charming for just small feet of color. I would love to see a personalization system in which you could pass your coins. Agricultural crops are so sati ... The goal is to improve your land by buying something that gets money for agriculture you sell it and get money annoying things about the game is that there is this announcement of rain that happens at different times and keep appearing, you can skip it but the costs. Money to leave forever, but it is very fun ... This game is honestly more than I expected it to be, I just expected it to be an inactive time that consumed a cried mess of advertisements. But I found many nice parts and the ads are minimal compared to other quickly marked, but manageable couples I would recommend is to add real sound ... It is very addictive! I\'ve been playing all the time, I love this game, but these engs contain ads, it\'s very annoying, you need Internet always every time it rains. But you get money easily with ads sometimes. If I need money, I just went to the farm and pick up things in the barn or simply get it with an ad ...



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