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Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game
Gods Of Arena: Strategy Game
154.6 MB
May 6, 2022
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REVIEWS and Description

Become the master of the gladiator house! Use smart strategy to build, train and equip your gladiators team to fight for gold and glory. Uncover the stories of betrayal, hate and friendship while completing Quests and climbing to the top of the Arena championship. Key features: - 20+ hours of strategy gameplay fun - Ancient Roman Empire with 3 cities to conquer - Up to 100 battle quests and strategy chained missions - 5 boss battles (aside strategy and tactics, you will need epic swords, pro gladiators, and crit hits, to win) - 3 Gladiator body types with dozens of variations - 6 unique Gladiator fighting techniques to learn and to master - Gladiators market to trade gladiators - 50+ epic armors (body, arms, legs, helmets) - 50+ unique weapons (swords, bows, spears, knives) - 20 achievements - Rewards such as: gold coins, legendary weapons, rare armors - Unique story that unveils as you fight your way to Rome - Special attacks that you have to activate in time to deal the most damage to the enemies! After the long wanderings, Cornelius, returned home just to find that his father died and all the money had gone. Rebuild the gladiators house, and fight the strongest enemies in the arena, including the emperor of Ancient Rome! Hire and train gladiators, participate in arena battles and don\'t forget about the side quests and achievements that may give you gold and unique equipment. Help your gladiators in the battle by activating the special attacks.


This game was excellent and very fun, and very satisfactory once I finished, it required some strategy, but that did not hinder the game, many unique skills, weapons, ECT, very well done, without problems, I just wish the story was longer and longer and There was more to do, but in general, it is a great small game with a great end. I will definitely recommend it. Excellent game. Excellent graphics really get the fashion of time. However, it is not very balanced. The game seems to calculate the difficulty based on unprocessed statistics (as seen in bets). Once you discover what matters and what does not, the game becomes much easier. It is still challenging, but with the construction of the wrong team, it is simply impossible. Very good game, good graphics, good dialogue and a little comedy. Some levels would require that you change the styles of your equipment, training or weapons equipped to overcome them, which adds a little more difficulty (without making it impossible and I love it). It almost does not require grinding at all. The game is not long, it ended twice in less than a week. The only problem I have seen is that Goul takes too long to maximize, so I had to grow after finishing the game to get his achievement. It is quite good if you have free time. However, everything is decisions. Like the warriors you collect to the boots. Decisions are very important. Great game, makes you think that when you play, difficulty grows with the leveling of combatants that are good, different class combinations + skills given by Wearpons allows tons of combat strategies. You made it great, without important defects, I really enjoy playing. Note: Articles in the store, you had to progress in the main search (city fights) to unlock new elements. If you spend a lot of time in secondary missions as I did, you will find your strongest enemy because equipped in items that you can not buy yet



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