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Hungry Hearts Diner
Hungry Hearts Diner
March 30, 2022
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GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

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REVIEWS and Description

Hungry Hearts Diner is a game about a small shop at the edge of a big city. Take on the role of the hard-working old lady struggling to manage her family\'s little restaurant—and all by her lonesome, too! Cook tasty meals for a variety of colorful characters, and learn more about their triumphs and struggles as they chow down on your tasty, home-cooked food. Rice balls, dumplings, can make it all! In fact, the more you cook, the more dishes you\'ll unlock. And hey, you\'ll even get a chance to learn about good ol\' fashioned Japanese cuisine while you\'re at it! Did you know you can make jelly out of seaweed? Because I didn\'t! Of course, the people who visit your diner all have a story to tell. And what makes people more talkative than a full belly? Feed your customers until they feel like sitting back and spinning you a yarn or two! But not every story is a happy one, and not every ending joyous. Stay tuned for some twists and turns!


Oh, this game is too nice. Music is so sweet and relaxing. Nothing is very stressful, too hard or complicated. You don\'t feel that you can\'t keep up. The creators of this game are very inspiring. Colors and works of art are simply perfect. I recommend this game to anyone who likes sweet ... Gagex does it again with a game that is much more moving than he has the right to be. By \"Again\", I mean, I played the second in this series first by accident, and both games made me cry sometimes. The game is somewhat minimal, so touch it for the story. The only ads are a small image announcement ... In my second game, there are paid aspects, but you can ignore them. The AI ​​does not ask for items that you have not cooked, and there is no annoying ingredient or a mini kitchen game that allows you to concentrate on unlocking dishes to create the menu you want. Cooking is limited to the energy and currency of the game ... A small and charming application. Zero pressure, without time restrictions, these are the characters. Lovely views and music. Very relaxing to play. As you advance, you will learn about the connections between different characters. Each of its stories is unique. Almost moving sometimes. So happy to have ... I like the game itself. The art style is great, the stories are pretty and the game is fun. I hate how intrusive full screen ads are. Completely destroy any immersion in the game. I am always willing to pay to eliminate the ads of the games that I like; I would like it to be an option here. The game wo ...



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