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Jigsaw Puzzles Real
Jigsaw Puzzles Real
March 1, 2022
Offered By:
Rottz Games

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REVIEWS and Description

Jigsaw Puzzles that is a really free jigsaw game! The puzzle that gives you the perfect real Jigsaw experience, like if you were playing with real pieces, but don\'t risk losing any piece! Everything in the game is free! • All 2400 photos are free! • Create custom jigsaw puzzles from your album photos? Also free. • Pick any number of pieces and rotation - free also. No need to pay to unlock photos or premium version. And more: • Puzzles sizes: From 9 pieces (novice player) to 1300 pieces (expert puzzle). • Your Own Photos: Play with any family photo you have on your phone or tablet! • More Photos: Over 2400 free photos in 35 themes. • Unique Puzzle: Each piece forms an unique jigsaw design.


Now I have enjoyed this puzzle application for a couple of years, starting with the rotation of the piece (a good option for beginners) and, finally, with it on. The only limiting factors are my view and the size of the screen of my tablet (I can not see the pieces well enough to put together the puzzles with more than ... I prefer this puzzle application to all others! Large scenic photos, easy to see all pieces at the same time, there is no need to scroll to search for certain pieces as with other applications. And it allows you to enlarge the puzzle at the end, before putting in the last piece, see details of the photo. Great puzzle application! I love this application. You can make it so easy or so difficult as you want. I have looked a lot of puzzle applications, but I like that you can see all the pieces on the blackboard instead of moving. There are a couple of problems. Sometimes the page makes a quick imbecile. Another problem is the puzzle pieces suddenly ... I have downloaded many puzzle applications, and this is the best. It does not have coins of coins in trouble annoying or unreasonable aggregates that ruin the game. You can make puzzles +1000 pieces without a purchase in the application. You can upload images of your phone. They will not come out blurred, and they do not need ... It only has two problems. First, when I was up to only 30 pieces, the puzzle showed that there were 33 empty spaces necessary to be filled, and I looked repeatedly. When I have up to about 5 pieces, when those who were missing. This was not a mistake on my part. I am very good at puzzle. I...



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