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Knighthood: The Knight RPG
Knighthood: The Knight RPG
May 11, 2022
Offered By:
Midoki Roleplaying Games

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REVIEWS and Description

In this new role-playing game, you are a rage knight, born to fight and conquer. Battle friends and foes in a living RPG fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and mighty enemies as you strive to become the land’s most feared and famous knight in the Knighthood. Members of the Knighthood, heroes to the people, once defended the world. Now, it is controlled and corrupted by the dark power of Lord Karnon. As a new rage knight, explore a rich fantasy RPG world, battle epic monsters, fight enemies and corrupted rage knights to create your own legend amongst the Knighthood. BRING YOUR INNER KNIGHT TO LIFE Launch the game, create your knight and join the new action-packed RPG adventure from Midoki and enter an epic fantasy world! • Follow the legendary Sir Edward Drakeson through your first RPG trials and battle him to prove your worth to the Knighthood. • Earn your Gauntlet, the powerful relic and symbol of the Knighthood and begin your epic RPG adventure in Astellan, at the edge of a colourful fantasy world. • Play the game of fame and riches by collecting legendary items to customize and strengthen your Knighthood. • In this brand new RPG, recruit and upgrade ancient heroes to improve your battle powers. • Call upon your rage to unleash your heroes’ unique abilities during a fight. FIGHT YOUR WAY TO THE TOP AND BECOME A LEGEND In this new game, level up your knight and battle goblins, beasts and undead creatures as you delve deeper into a world of fantasy and mystery. In this gesture-driven combat game, choose the best RPG tactics to win battles and become a legend. • Win rare treasure in hunts and quests to improve your gear and up your game. • Collect ancient heroes to fight by your side and summon their epic abilities in times of need. • Choose your RPG strategy. Select your weapons and heroes to fit your goals and win the fight! • Master your RPG combat skills: Create a perfect chain of attacks switching between weapon, gauntlet and hero powers. • Defeat fellow knights, and become the hero of the PvP arena.


Well done, pleasant and easy to play. It has a lovely simplicity in everything, from history to game and animation. The ads are for purchases in the game, which are not difficult to close and do not appear in the middle of the game, and the ads that are for other things are just stars ... It is a really fun and impressive game. I got hooked at the time I started. From the beginning to LVL 45, the game is a challenge. Once the players reach LVL 45, they can make very difficult end game materials. However, from the new LVL 60 update, the content became 10 times harder ... This game is almost perfect for me. I don\'t like to drag my thumbs on my screen to play, so the buttons and click for everything are great. The configuration, mechanics, customizations, all super fun. Too many packages on the side of the screen. It is unpleasant to see a list of things to buy ... Absolutely I love this game! Great community and easy to learn to master the game. I have been playing this for about 4 months and with the new events that come throughout the year there are many things to wait and work. I love character customization and nothing is the necessary money if you get ... I wanted to do 4, but it deserves 5 stars. The design, the interface, the ease of use for all types of players ... compensate for the slightly expensive game elements (using the game money). But, it is something to fight and definitely attainable. Give it a chance, it\'s a fun fantasy fight! ●



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