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Larva Heroes: Lavengers
Larva Heroes: Lavengers
March 2, 2022
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REVIEWS and Description

★ Amazing Event ★ 1.All new users : Leather set + 100 magic candy 2. Reward Ad Event: Magic Candy x20 3. Clear the hell dungeon, 2,625 candy + fortune cookie 1,200 * You need to check for the latest version update in order to apply the above information. 1. Boss Dungeon - It is a dungeon that only boss appears. It has considerable difficulty (1 ~ 3 steps). - Various items such as equipment, cans, buffs, etc. are paid at random. - You can enter 5 times a day, and you have to purchase tickets for additional admission. TIP. I recommend that you have the skills and challenge with your hero friends. 2. Pet System The pet\'s basic ability is to regain HP 10% every 15 seconds. Additional upgrade ability: Attack power and experience can be continuously upgraded. (Pet can be obtained by watching cash or advertisement.) 3. Stage drop item Now, if you catch a monster on the stage, you can get various items depending on the probability. ◆ Choose your favorite hero character! ◆ 1. Yellow 2. Red 3. Super Yellow 4. Wizard Brown 5. Black Knight 6. Rainbow Warrior ◆ 10 hero character friends to fight like hero appeared ◆ Yellow, Red, Super Yellow, Mask Red, Cyborg Red, Steel Red, Viking Red, Ninja Red, Kung Fu Red, Zoro Red ◆ 360 stages of difficulty level> Playtime ... What the heck ◆ Depending on the difficulty, the setting is changed and the fun and tension are doubled. If you are a beginner, you will be challenged to master mode if you are an easy-to-use player. But ... sure? ◆ Jack Captain Fortune Cookie Drawing ◆ One coupon is paid when the stage is cleared by each difficulty level. You can find it when you find Captain Jack on the World Map. Fortune cookies are like random vending machines that can be pulled through gold, items, and magic candy. ◆ Hero transformation system ◆ Hero (hero character) can transform into a warrior character enhanced during the game. If you change your appearance, change or upgrade your ability to separate You can use skills. It is a game element that gives the opponent an opportunity to play back opponent. ◆ Mission is 3,6,9 ◆ There are three separate missions on stage 3, 6 and 9 for each world. Escort 3 missions / pink! : It is mission to escort pink to base station. 6 Mission / Stop enemy wave attacks! : Wave attack following 5 It is a mission to block with hero friends (party players) defined in the game. Destroy the enemy with 9 missions / units only! The hero disappears. And … . Regardless of the Vienna gauge, you only need to win the battle against the enemy with unit production. Are you embarrassed because you do not have a hero? customer!!!


This was the game of my childhood. I do not know when I stopped playing .. Why did I never do it? I\'ve been playing since it came out. I loved being the big boy (I forgot his name) and the time I ended up with chapter 6, I had almost everything! It\'s very quick to get OP and get coins! The thin one ... I really loved this game, I\'ve been playing since 2017 and I\'ve never stopped. The game graphics are amazing, the battle system is fun, the levels are challenging and difficult (but not hard enough to irritate), and the victory reward system is balanced. And the best part I really enjoyed are the larvengers ... This is a great game that I told this when I had 6 or 7 idiots, but there is a problem in your massive attacks if you use the elderly and if you attack someone, continue to press and make a soul of attack, please solve it and thank you I love the game, the reconcilito to play this game, has many characters, many skills, I love yellow, but it is difficult to get sweet that is my weak point, I can not update, I do not have sweets. This application is super incredible and fresh. Infinite fun and large graphics. This is my fifth favorite game in AppStore. It\'s fun because the larvae and other mistakes are fun and make me laugh.



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