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Lila's World:Create Play Learn
Lila's World:Create Play Learn
271.1 MB
May 28, 2022
Offered By:
Photon Tadpole Studios

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REVIEWS and Description

Draw and Color your own town and create your own game world out if it. Draw on paper with your own colors and just click a picture of these to put them in the game WELCOME TO LILA\'S WORLD PRETEND PLAY Play as Lila while she visits her Granny\'s Town for the summer. There are lots of things to discover in this Town where Granny lives. Explore the family home, read a book in the family library or have a tea party in the living room. Play the piano in the Music room or Cook almost any dish you can think of in the Kitchen. While you explore, don’t forget to look for the many secrets of the house. Now what could Granny be hiding? CREATE Not only can you play in Grandma\'s house but you can draw and create your own worlds too. Use real paper and colors to draw new characters, scenes, food, objects and a lot more You can also create your own Zoo or Jungle scene. Draw \'Toca\' the Toucan, \'Boca\' the Bear\', \'Miga\' the Mouse or \'Yoya the Yak\' and create a beautiful jungle scene


The funniest game so far. There are no insects, failures or anything, by the way, I would like to add some updates such as new things and a store without furniture, clothing store and a shopping center, by the way, a good game. so amazing ! My three -year -old son loves to play this game. I really recommend it for anyone who plays Boca, it\'s exactly the same and it\'s also quite good! I love this application because you can create things and unlock each store and you can make your own person number 1: Draw number 2: Take a selfie number 3: You can publish it now, so I qualify for 5 stars, so yes and lilac House is fun because when you finish decorating, you can play. I really enjoyed it! And literally I did not regret having downloaded it because it is very fun and I really love it! That is that you have a good day/night This game is good, but some places are blocked and you can unlock with cash that I want to play without cash, but this game is really pleasant



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