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June 15, 2021
Offered By:
Martin Magni

For reference, Mekorama game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.

REVIEWS and Description

Help a tiny robot stumble home through 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas. - Relaxing gameplay - Charming robots - Collectible level cards - Diorama maker - Small install size


I did it because it was \"recommended\", and then I began to play and I realized \"It\'s that level of Fancade!\" But with better graphics. Honestly, a very stimulating mini game, the ads are not very intrusive, and the appearance of the puzzle almost makes the player care. Not quite complicated, but ... I am at level 39 and my 8 -year -old niece is at level 25, with a little help. There are some small things that could improve, but in general a solid five so far. I like it so much that I am willing to donate $ 3.99. In my opinion, it is extremely cheap for a great 3D puzzle game. The... Very nice and nice! I like musical effects and art style. The earliest levels are perhaps too easy, but later levels have a good challenge. I played most of the game before deciding to buy and support developers. The ads were not too intrusive This is an amazing game! Simple and intuitive controls allow you to concentrate on the puzzles and be creative to solve them. And not everything is a puzzle, there are some levels that require a careful touch to complete. The selection of levels is good where it opens three levels so that it can omit a difference ... It occupies only 8.01 MB in total on my Android 6.0 phone, Marshmallow version. The graphics are excellent and you can really transmit and approach. Music could be better. I would like to rotate the model into a vertical axis in addition to the horizontal axis already incorporated. If it could go out ...



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