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No Humanity - The Hardest Game
No Humanity - The Hardest Game
January 11, 2022
Offered By:
Sweaty Chair Studio

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REVIEWS and Description

Once upon a time, there is a spaceship, it got caught up in a galactic doodle war between Brian and Shan, where lasers are beaming, bullets are firing, little boys’ hairs are rapidly growing and monsters eyes are popping. To be warned, this is not a game for everyone, we made this game extremely hard and unpredictable to just make our fans very happy. Therefore this game contains: - Mild frustration and unfair gameplay - Ugly doodle on space-themed apocalypse - poorly made bullet hell without shoot\'em up - up to 8 players online multiplayer: only not lag if you play with friends - a lot of fish - poor taste humour - amateur graphic and limited budget music - rewarded video ads - definitely once a time life experience - decent amount of Chinese - no wifi kinda works - claw machine This game probably deserves no attention, but somehow we went viral from TikTok. Thank you our dear fans, because you shared this game with your friends and watched them struggle, this game survived, and the team gets to go crazy with their ideas. Many love, Brian from the discord community.


Wonderful game to spend time or to postpone things. It is super easy to find out mechanics and things, simply difficult to lower (on purpose). Although there are some minor errors and failures. I think it would be good if there was a way to reach the arcade game Sprite Dead Sprite from the ... The game is difficult, you do not lie, I want to say that it is not called humanity to cry out loud. Now, what am I saying again? Oh, that\'s right. The game has 0 ads, except those who help you get the progression. All the game is literally trying not to be hit by a lot of arrows, Lazerr, and these bosses. You pick up characters like Budh ... I love it. The ads are not intrusive, but it is worth choosing them since their benefits make the game more fun. And the actual game itself is very fun. (Although frustrating sometimes) learning to use each character keeps it really interesting, however. I\'ve been using timber tea one. Oh, a ... Fantastic game. Thank you sweaty chair to keep this game cool, with new systems and even personalized matching function! A great game to kill time. P.s, will there be a feature so that friends join in personalized maps? It would be an excellent if a party to see who is the most expert in Dodgi ... ...



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