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Olympus Rising: Tower Defense and Greek Gods
Olympus Rising: Tower Defense and Greek Gods
June 21, 2021
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REVIEWS and Description

Mount Olympus has fallen, and the Greek mythology gods of Olympus do battle. Ares, Poseidon and other gladiator heroes clash in this war strategy game! Use cunning military tactics to guide your heroes and Greek Gods when fighting enemies! The gods of Olympus can be commanded. Using battle strategy, immortal powers, conquest skill and defence you must clash with enemy gladiator heroes. Dive into a graphically stunning Greek mythology game! Olympus Rising is a Greek mythology game, filled with the Gods of Olympus and island conquests where you must do battle. Gladiator heroes like Poseidon, Ares and others face off against monsters from Ancient Greek civilization. Witness the dawn of civilization in a world of Greek mythology in this war strategy game. The Gods of Olympus are counting on you for help. From the creators of the war strategy game Royal Revolt, enjoy this epic fight and quest alongside Greek mythology gods and unleash total war. - - - SUMMON THE ANCIENT WORLD’S GREATEST HEROES - - - Greek Gods and gladiator heroes await your arrival. You can rewrite the ancient history, oversee the rise of civilization and witness the new dawn of war in this gladiator game. Become the ultimate god of war and ward off rival players with your war strategy. Defend the mythos of the Ancient Greek Gods by taking your heroes to battle and conquer islands with cunning war strategy to create the dawn of a new era. - - - STUNNING NEXT-GEN 3D GAME GRAPHICS & ART - - - Choose your Gods and give resources to your alliance to construct the best hero defense. Enjoy incredible 3D graphics, plus simple and intuitive combat touch controls. The main goal is to improve your gladiator heroes. Your gladiator heroes will fight better if you upgrade and equip them with epic weapons and armor for battle. The more battles are won with strategy, the more loot you earn for Olympus and your heroes. - - - PLAY THIS STRATEGY GAME AND MASTER THE WAR STRATEGY- - - Play this Greek Gods game, join an alliance and defend Mount Olympus! The battles in Olympus Rising focus greatly on clever tactics and combat strategy. In this hero defense game you must collect and grow your resources over time. Return Mount Olympus to its former glory as you do battle and prevail in the ancient greek games of heroes defense! - - - BUILD AN ALLIANCE WITH GREEK GODS - - - Defend Olympus and collaborate with your alliance members and other players from around the world to create solid attack and defense strategies to invade islands and ward-off enemy raids. Play with Hercules, Athena, Apollo, Poseidon and many other spartan gladiator heroes and blast through the tower defense of other hero players. War strategy is key to mastering the art of conquest! - - - EPIC REWARDS AND WEAPONS - - - You can collect and use legendary items once wielded by the Greek gods to improve your war strategy. Conquer using gladiator heroes and tactical thinking. Strengthen your hero and troops to win the clash with the enemy by collecting weapons, armor and other items to equip your heroes.


First, let me say that I love the game. But I have a minor mistake with mine at this time, my highest level hero is 12 years old, but the only enemies I have are between level 28 and 26, which I cannot defeat. So all I can do is build and wait, I was enjoying how playing the game was progressing my ... Great game. No pay-2-win, not plagued by addition, and extremely addictive. So much that I had to uninstall it. I was playing too much and could control me. That is not the fault of the game, so still 5 stars. Great breath of fresh air to see a great game that is not pushed is added in the throat, and that ... Being a fantasy and historical war fan, I love the style of this game, it is on my street! I have been playing for a while and you can happily say that you can really progress without paying /without payment walls, etc.! It will become somewhat repetitive after a while, of course, but it is sufficiently designed to Ke ... If you love Greek history or Greek mythology you will love this game. Until now, this game is very fun and exciting. The graphics are great and the plot looks like a fun and exciting story to see. Easy city building with tons of characteristics and options. I recommend buying the starting package of $ 1.99. Is defi ... Great gameplay, incredible if you find a community of related ideas to play. Compared to many other strategy games, a better level structure. For example, its main existence in the play is not threatened by players beyond their league, even when they are getting involved with them in the Arena de la Guerra. You too...



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