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Once Upon a Tower
Once Upon a Tower
August 26, 2021
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Pomelo Games


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REVIEWS and Description

Play this princess and dragon adventure indie casual game! Once Upon a Tower is a medieval roguelike game perfect for everyone who wants to live an indie adventure. Get into action, beat the dragon and escape the castle! Plan your escape and take your princess to freedom with the help of your sharp skills and a set of epic features in a unique indie roguelike journey. Ever wanted to escape somewhere else? Ever felt like you were trapped in a high tower of an old castle, just like a princess? Ever found yourself waiting for a valiant knight to come and save you? Wait no more! Cause the knight isn\'t coming -- No, really, he isn\'t. He was literally eaten by that guardian dragon over there. You have all you need to escape and set yourself free in this epic adventure. The brave knight left behind his hammer, I\'m sure you can put it to good use, right? So, grab the knight’s hammer and get yourself to the bottom of the castle’s tower, like the strong princess you are! Forget about the dragon, you can beat it! Make your way to the bottom of the tower in this downward action indie game with a roguelike twist, where each princess is strong enough to make it on its own, without the help of any knight. You can beat the enemies. You can escape the dragon. YOU CAN DO THIS! Now let the adventure begin, once upon a tower.


I loved this cute little arcade game! Very funny. The graphics and design are top-notch, the user interface is great, and the controls are excellent (although it sometimes bothers me that my swipe is misunderstood, but it\'s probably my fault for not swiping correctly). I won like ... I think Lorelei? I forgot her name, but she is adore ... Once upon a tower is a very fun game. Its plot, stylized visuals, and many characters to choose from give the game a fun and engaging atmosphere. I enjoy that it can be played offline. Overall, highly recommended. This is another really cool game design from the developers who make bullet boy, which is AWESOME by the way. This game is very addictive and offers a challenge. I haven\'t played the whole game because it seems like there are a lot of levels and it keeps you coming back for more because like I said ... This is one of the cutest and most addictive mobile games I have ever played. The character models are so unique and adorable with a great selection. Although the game may seem choppy with space-to-space movement, it doesn\'t hinder the experience, but rather encourages strategy. It\'s your ch ... It\'s such a lovely game, great concept, simple controls, cute and dynamic graphics, all really nice! There is an annoying bug where during the boss, if the dragon tries to bite you while you have a shield, everything freezes and you lose all your progress in that race. yet...



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