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One Finger Death Punch
One Finger Death Punch
420.1 MB
Jun 4, 2019
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REVIEWS and Description

Enemies attack you from the left and right sides! With an accurate attack, blow them! [User Permissions] User permissions required for the game use. - External storage Read/Write (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE). Access authority is required to save and load game data. \"STEP 1. When the game is launched for the first time, allow permission for [Access to Device Photos, Media, and Files] in the pop-up message window.\" STEP 2. From your device\'s Settings menu, set Storage to Allow: [Application manager > One Finger Death Punch > Permissions > [Storage]


Suppperrr Amazing Game really definitely enjoy one of the best games I have played and will recommend to all who want a game to spend time. And you look for a game that is different from all other mobile games, this is definitely essential for you! There is a decent amount of ads, but you can jump almost immediately after coming so that they are not really annoying. Despite the massive heart attack of the ads, it seems like a pretty good game! However, the only thing that is quite annoying is the technical problems: sometimes, when it throws an element to a certain proximity of the range, the enemy will go through and not activate the Hitbox for his death. Another fault is, perhaps, some of the hitboxes in general, had used an object and, when he recovered, the beheaded enemy somehow killed me among the frames. Also in hardmode, sometimes the linked enemies cut my fists. I love the game! I played it for a long time and yesterday I could finally buy the CQC Kung Fu. It seems that there is a fault with the gray power of Kung -fu: the color of the gray scale never disappears even if the real power does. Using the only combo, entering the fever time or dying is all that job. Is there a way to solve this? The most recent update broke all weapons, when an enemy is killed and drops a weapon and weapons fall for the skill of weapons, just rotates in one place and does nothing. Apart from that, Ofdp is a very funny game I like the game, but there are so many mistakes that I cannot even win ex when I try to throw the weapons, they pass directly through them and when I go through the rhythms for some reason, the bosses begin to move and the bosses go far.



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