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Park Master
Park Master
May 2, 2022
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REVIEWS and Description

This is the best puzzle game you will ever play! This car-parking puzzle game is so fun. At the same time, you can relax and feel comfortable while playing this. All the parks are always crowd, so please tap and draw lines to control cars and lead to the parking. Don\'t forget! You should be careful to crashing. If cars hit against each other, you have to restart. This is not a racing game, this is a puzzle game and parking simulator to make you feel fun and happy. It depends on your action whether you can park all the cars. Go ahead! Be careful! Draw your lines! Finally, we encourage you, and will be happy if you listen and enjoy our sound effects through your headsets or earphones. You\'d be able to listen to several sound effects, they are all comfortable sounds. Features: Intuitive controls Colorful 3D graphics Brainly addictive mechanics Vibrates during action (depending on the device and/or settings) Multiple beautiful sound effects Epic car parking puzzle sensation Kids, moms, dads, men and women of all ages, please enjoy this entertainment! Let\'s get to reach a 999 level!


I would give him more stars if he were only qualifying how fun the game was. I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, I will uninstall after this review due to the ads. Each level only takes about 10 seconds to pass, maybe 30 if it is blocked and probably more once it becomes more difficult. But after Eac ... I like that there are very few as, in reality, the only time you have to see and the announcement is when you ask so you can get a prize. In addition, the levels become more and more difficult, but then it gives you a break, the next time you get something quite easy. Good game l, pd get. I love this application! The ads are well located in my opinion, because for me once in every 10/8 levels. And the concept is really good! It is not too challenging to the point where I frustrated but it is not easy. It seems easy, but honestly it is all the challenge. Once again, I love the game, the only one ... This game is great. If you don\'t want ads, just turn off the wifi. The only problem is that it is too easy at level 118 and only one or two levels were actually difficult. Developers should do so so that cars can only go so far. They should also do it so that they can only make broad twists with cars. I love this application! Although there are ads! At level 1, it seems so easy, but the more the levels you achieve, the more it becomes more difficult! And there are some cylinders that can crush your car that can be difficult, but fun! Thanks to the creator of the game!



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