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Pull the Pin
Pull the Pin
May 11, 2022
Offered By:
Popcore Games

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REVIEWS and Description

Are you looking for the mini games that are all over the internet to challenge your brain? Pull The Pin has got your back! If playing toilet games is your thing, you can relax, pull the pin on this game, and get out the balls. Save them all! Super simple, yet sophisticated gameplay awaits in Pull The Pin for all puzzle game lovers. Some puzzles are simple enough to warm up your brain waves. Others are intricate and complicated enough to challenge you. When the path is clear, just pull the pin and save the balls in the bucket. But watch out - bombs are lurking at every corner. Pull the wrong pin…BOOM! Game over. Start simple and slow, just a pin or two. As you progress, the puzzles become more complicated, yet they all remain relaxing to the very end. With an infinite number of levels, Pull The Pin never ceases to be relaxing, yet challenging for your brain. Take on a few challenges during toilet time and get out all those balls! Here are some of the features of Pull The Pin: ➔ Complete intricate challenges No puzzle game would deserve the word if it doesn’t have challenges, and Pull The Pin is no exception. Dozens of challenges await for you to pull the pin on and save the balls. Save them all! ➔ Beautiful skins Customize your game to your heart’s content. Collect rewards during each relaxing challenge and exchange them for new balls, backgrounds, pin styles, even ball trails! We’ve got cubes, stars, soccer balls, rulers, spears, and neon tubes that you can put on top of a woodland background, a cityscape, beach sand, or in space! The possibilities are endless and they’re all for you. ➔ Earn coins even when away Earn coins in the idle feature of our pull the pin puzzle game! Build houses and upgrade them to skyscrapers that will bring you more coins with each level. ➔ It’s the best time waster! Spend some toilet time while you pull the pin and save the balls. If you love those pull the pin pipe mini games, we have them all! Toilet games have never been this relaxing!


It\'s fine for what it is. Most levels have no brain and the order that pulls pins is not very consistent. The levels of challenge offer some depth, but reaching them requires the completion of several \'puzzles\' and more meaningless advertising watches. I completed this game (updated all real estate, complete ... Exactly what promises, unlike those ads for other games that show this type of puzzle! That said, it is not especially difficult. It is more a light challenge to stay busy. You can unlock everything you can quite fast, and it is not especially complex. However, it is to see ... I have read some negative reviews of this game due to simplicity and ease of play, but sometimes that is perfect for when you only need a little loss of time or something relaxing before sleeping. If you want a very challenging game, this is not the one. However, it is nice, colorful and customizable ...... I am currently at level 111. I hope it becomes a little more challenging as I advance. It has a fair relationship of levels to ads, so it is not upset. A quite fun way of relaxing. After seeing so many deceptive ads to want to be games that show attract Pin, but there are never any in the games, it is good ... Nice game. I have not really been playing enough time to give a qualification more than the first levels. They are beautiful. I can say that when they take it to other screens, a tutorial or at least a small propaganda would be useful to explain what it is.



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