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Showa Candy Shop 3: Grandma's Purring Postmaster
Showa Candy Shop 3: Grandma's Purring Postmaster
312.8 MB
Dec 2, 2018
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GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

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REVIEWS and Description

When everything seemed to sparkle in the summer sun? Take a trip back to those golden days in this easygoing little candy shop management game with a surprising amount of heart. That\'s right, it\'s the third game in the beloved Showa Candy Shop series! And don\'t let the \"3\" in the title scare you off. Newcomers and longtime fans alike are sure to enjoy the latest tale of Grandma and her humble candy shop. This time, there are more items to collect than ever before! From Strangely Sour Yogurt to Yum Yum Sticks to Cola Rice Cakes, these (nearly accurate) Japanese snacks are sure to bring a smile to your face! The story begins as soon as you start the game, winding its way through the seasons and culminating in an emotional finale you won\'t want to miss! As always, the game is free to play from beginning to end. You\'re welcome to enjoy it on your own terms! Check in on the shop whenever you need a break from your busy schedule. Let the soothing music ease your worries as the heartfelt story wraps around you like a warm blanket.


Lost of new characters and capsules toys! I especially like the toys of the cat capsule and the seasonal trick. I confess that I cannot continue the story compared to the last 2 games of the series. Does there be 2 different stories and possibly time trips? But I have not finished collecting letters, so I hope it solves it. Like Showa Candy Shop\'s previous games, and all Gagex games, if I\'m honest, this is absolutely phenomenal! The artistic style is adorable, the relaxing game and the story told through the letters really throw in the strings of the heart (I have not yet finished completely, but I have some assumptions where it goes ...) I also love it and I love it And I love and appreciate how completely optional are the ads and how emerging ads are always compensated with some in game coins or such. Keep the fantastic work! These games are always delicious! The stories and the atmosphere are wonderful and relaxing, music is very nostalgic and relaxing. I always play until the end, even if it already collected the complete story. The changing stations are also really pleasant. Keep the great job and I look forward to more wonderful stories! This game is incredible. I downloaded this game after playing Hungry Heart Dining. And as expected, nothing disappointed me. This game had what I wanted; Especially the relaxing background music. Seriously, background music is everything, and I like the fact that you can listen to the sounds of the children playing (very nice detail) that I really felt you are there, it reminds me of my hometown when I was a child. If I have the option to give him 10 stars, I will. Another great game of this company. Brief and sweet, with a moving end. I am not a finalist and I am satisfied just by seeing the end, and it is worth it. History actually made me cry several times. The sudden turn in history is found in all the games of this company, but it still managed to be surprising. Although progress in the game is slow, I could not recommend its story.



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