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Troll Face Quest: Horror
Troll Face Quest: Horror
Varies with device
November 26, 2021
Offered By:
Spil Games

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REVIEWS and Description

Do you like scary movies? Are you in the mood for a few jump scares? If so, then get ready to find out what terrifyingly hilarious pranks are waiting for you in Troll Face Quest: Horror. This edition of the popular game series is stuffed full of references to many of your favorite horror films, TV shows, and even video games! SOME TRULY FREAKY FEATURES - Lots of brain-teasing puzzles that are both horrifying and hysterically funny! - Bizarre and totally hilarious pranks based on famous moments from history’s most unforgettable horror masterpieces. - Cool graphics and awesome animation that are really weird and wild. - New sound effects that definitely go bump in the night! - Where else can you prank a few of the horror genre’s most terrifying serial killers, monsters, and more? TAG ALONG WITH TROLL FACE ONCE MORE Troll Face Quest is one of the most popular, and addictive, tap game series of all time. Players get to team up with Troll Face while he plays clever tricks and pranks on everybody from the inhabitants of classic films to characters from the world of video games. He’s even staged practical jokes on several of the internet’s craziest viral memes. There really is no one that he won’t troll! HORROR HAD IT COMING! This time around, Troll Face is taking aim at a few of horror’s greatest hits. He may go on a chainsaw massacre while he saws his way through lots of pranks that are bloody hilarious in more ways than one! Troll Face is also bound to run into some even stranger things while he travels all across America and beyond to make sure that his tricks really get out. A trip to one of his favorite beaches might even lead to an encounter with the jaws of a great white shark! His latest adventure is sure to be packed with plenty of your favorite maniacs, killer birds, spooky puppets, pesky poltergeists, and lots more. Troll Face might even dig into some creepy pasta along the way! But can you handle all of this shocking silliness and hair-raising hilarity? Find out while you discover what evil lurks in the heart of Troll Face Quest: Horror!


* Minor Spoilers ** Very fun and hilarious game. The only thing I had a problem with the controls. They are very specific. Sometimes, you do not register what you press, especially at the level of puzzle. Apart from what that? Challenging. The best horror movie references. I would recommend: -} I love this game. Of course, the answers to THW levels are very foolish, but it is so foolish that it really makes you think about it. I really do not like people who are putting bad reviews because they can not solve it, they are simply not willing to think. In general, a great game. Very well together, the controls are simple, great works of art and very addictive. The only problem was that the game is short, plus they continue with the great work. It is a really creepy and fun game. My sisters and I love seeing YouTubers play; And so I decided to download this game. Unfortunately, only three stars because you to see an ad for the bonus level, and can not omit the bonus level. It is very fun to play and hard to play because there are many monsters in the game that are fun and terrifying, but I like it and, if you have more of these scary games, I would love to play them all and make sure you send your other game you can have and very nice game you have and I hope you never give you ...



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