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Wildshade: fantasy horse races
Wildshade: fantasy horse races
925.2 MB
Jun 22, 2022
Offered By:
Tivola Games GmbH

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REVIEWS and Description

Have you heard of the Wildshade horses? Breed your dream horse with over 40 million options, equip each horse with matching tack, and prove that you are worthy of the legendary Wildshade herd. Win magical horse races in a fantastical, adventure-filled world! Long ago, once a year near the village of Wildshade, something magical took place. A rainbow glow filled the sky, a sign that the wild horses of Wildshade had returned! Nobody knew where they came from or where they would return to. But one thing they did know for sure was that the horses were proud, brave, and worthy of respect. The villagers gathered for a race, each horse choosing their own rider. No sooner were they on the horse than each rider felt free, unbeatable. And then, tragedy struck: the village and the surrounding area caught fire, the flames were unstoppable. The Wildshade horses never returned. The village was rebuilt and the people returned, the landscape recovered, but there was no sign of the horses. The people in the village held horse races in memory of those beautiful wild beasts, trying to recapture those magical moments of the past when the horses would appear and the wild race began. And now you, too can experience the magic of the Wildshade horses, thanks to Wildshade the game. There are plenty of wild horse races and beautiful, fantastic horses just waiting to meet you!


Good and consistent animation, so far I only see races, but the graphics and the game are very entertaining, I am 27 years old, my daughter is 5 years old, and we both take off the races, it is a very fun game that keeps you focused, without requiring you To make a great organization or construction, you can compete whenever you want! It is still in development, and there are errors here and there, but developers seem quickly to solve errors and the updates are occurring along with the great corrections. 5/5 Recommend I am very impressed with the simple, but detailed is this game. Horse coats are beautiful, that brands are incredible, reproduction is like a completely new world of possibilities. I have spent some dollars here and there already in support. As someone else said, there are some things that could make this game bigger. I would definitely like to see adventures in the open world with other riders and different events with horses, taking care of the horses manually and the like. I really like this game! I love how you can use magic to gain races and others. I always enjoy going to my breeding barn and looking for more colors, brands, etc. To raise with my horse. The general game is incredible, and is very friendly with the creators who match you the same level players in a tournament. I love all the maps/ racing tracks, and the awards are great! I love the bonus of the reward, because every time you go up you get a prize. Really a great game, keep updating! Very fun and exciting! I enjoy running with the horses and the race itself is very fun! Each race is a beautiful and different landscape. Music is also really good. It is not difficult to play or discover the controls. Very simple. I really like to play it. Wildshade is a fantastic game, especially at such an early stage of its development. Tivola (the developers) really seems to worry about their players and Wildshade as a whole. The art style is good, and the game is soft, receptive (once you discover it, but it is not difficult at all), and in general extremely satisfactory. At the moment, it is very disheveled (only races and automatic players), but it has a lot of potential, and I am very excited to see where it goes from here!



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