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November 29, 2019
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REVIEWS and Description

Be the last hope against the mutant infestation. Enter the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. Xenowerk™ comes from Pixelbite, the creators of Space Marshals. It is a top-down action shooter challenging your combat skills in an underground science lab. Descend deeper into the abyss and explore the tarnished levels. Armed with a flashlight as your main guidance, you’ll never know what’s lurking in the dark! MISSION Your objective is to destroy all the nests and eliminate all mutants to prevent them from spreading. Xenowerk™ has 70 levels to explore with increasing difficulty. As progressing through the game you’ll come across a growing number of mutants and expanding areas to cleanse. ARSENAL Heavier firepower and thicker armor is critical to stay alive on your journey. Gather pickups from slain mutants to power up weapons and armor. SPECIAL POWERS Xenowerk™ features a set of special powers to boost your offensive when you’re in need. Activate one or several at a time for a more effective way to wipe out mutants.


Honestly one of the best mobile games I have seen in the store. Hours of fun, with in-game options to see brief additions for credits is amazing. Probably just one of the two mobile games I plan on throwing cash into (Another is sandcrawler) But, yes the ones helping Xenowerk read this. Honestly, make a game, a ... To the people who spoke ill of the game. It is not an RPG, it is not an epic quest, it is not a giant download with tons of weapons and scenarios. It\'s a simple hack n \'slash time pass. Maybe you\'d like the developers to come over to your house and cook for you and serve you dinner while you play, too. Man who bunc ... I think it\'s a great game, actually very addictive. I really like the graphics in this game and the way the flash light interacts with all the objects in real time is really cool. One of the best shooting games I\'ve played on mobile devices in years, it\'s a little hard to get 3 stars or whatever, but it\'s an easy fix. Great game. I didn\'t like it at first. But then it grew on me. I started to realize that the graphics and gameplay were great for a mobile game. Plays like a console title. Great time passer. I just wish the levels were a bit longer ... I wanted to give five stars because the game has no ads unless you want to get extra gold. Great graphics and weapons. He could use a grenade, but the armor has abilities that are useful. Above all, I really like the game, the number of mutants could use some variety.



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